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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a “gentle” outdoor sport suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
The equipment needed is basic and inexpensive: two specially designed carbon fibre poles with rubber tips to encourage a healthy gait and swing.
Nordic Walking evolved in Finland as an off-season ski-training activity and eventually became so popular that it is now a sport in its own right.
Among its countless benefits, Nordic Walking invigorates and tones the muscles, improves balance, reinforces the immunity system, enhances coordination, strengthens your stamina and reduces the wearand tear on your joints.
The immaculate surrounding pine wood and the paths which extend for miles along the shore provide impressive scenery for lovers of this sport.

-Seaside and pine forest
From Casal Borsetti to Porto Corsini, or vice versa, the paths in the woods near the beach enable you to admire a really picturesque landscape, and appreciate the entire Lidi Nord area. Go north or south from the car park in front of the resort in Via Spallazzi in Casal Borsetti. The trail leads to the village, which you can cross on the new pedestrian-cycle bridge, and the path starts again in the pine forest, until you reach the Borsetti tollbooth. Then follow directions to the sea and turn right along the artificial reef, until you reach the mouth of the River Lamone. Cross over the bridge, just upstream, and follow the path into the long, cool pine forest of Marina Romea, between the village and the beach. The trail continues on to the village of Porto Corsini, where the outer breakwater, which is 2.7km, stretches out into the sea. A great alternative route, through Marina Romea, is the path that runs along Piallassa Baiona with its characteristic fishing huts, which is very impressive at sunset.
-Paths in the park:
The round trip through the Punte Alberete oasis is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful routes in the area for fans of Nordic Walking, just like the long, green paths through the San Vitale pinewood, which borders the stunning Piallassa Baiona to the east.
The embankment that separates the river Reno from the Comacchio Valleys, from the SS 309 Romea road until the St. Alberto ferry, is a wonderful inland area, completely closed to traffic, which makes it an ideal place for birdwatching and walking.
We recommend you take plenty of water and a hat, especially in summer, as well as your binoculars.

The benefits of this sport:
Nordic Walking lightens the musculoskeletal system by 30% and is therefore very suitable for people with knee and back problems.
Nordic-Walking reduces tension in the neck and shoulders.
Nordic Walking is a great way to lose weight.
Nordic Walking improves endurance and strengthens the torso muscles.
Nordic Walking improves circulation and increases the oxygen supply to the whole body.
Nordic Walking is an ideal outdoor sport for rehabilitation after sports accidents.

After about 30 minutes of movement, the body releases mood-boosting hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. These substances have a relaxing effect and stimulate the imagination and creativity.
To make sure you get the best possible Nordic Walking workout, you may wish to use a heart rate monitor!

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