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The Pine forest

The coastal pine forest
The pine forest that winds along the coast is a real oasis of calm and coolness. From Porto Corsini to Casal Borsetti, the scrub of pine trees, oaks and elms through the 3 beaches advance towards the rich dune vegetation – including the sparto, the agropiro and tamericio  that separates it from the beach. The paths along the pine forest to the coast make it an ideal place for the race, the Nordic walking or hiking on foot and by bicycle, while the rich fauna allow you to practice birdwatching or, more simply, to listen to the “singing “of the robin or the chaffinch.
Picnic areas , with play areas for children , are close to the villages

S. Vitale  Pine forest
The pine forest that extends to the south of Valle della Canna, covers approximately 1,200 hectares and consists mainly of pine trees from the classic umbrella shape, but also for other tree species such as oaks, poplars and ash trees, surrounded by bushes of juniper, honeysuckle, blackthorn, Pungitopo and renowned wild asparagus.
Inside the pine forest there is a flooded depression of the land, originally freshwater, which today has a salt content for the infiltration of brackish water from the valleys surrounding the pine forest: what remains of the original sea curve. The trail that runs along the  Pialassa della Baiona offers an unforgettable landscape.
S. Vitale pine forest, as well as the oasis of Punte Alberete and Valle della Canna, is a destination recommended for observation of wild native.
Parking at the Ca ‘Vecia, reachable by car from highway 309 Romea, this is an area equipped for picnic with a fountain, not far from the house is worth visiting the church of the Madonna del Pino.
The best way to visit the pine woods is like always the bicycle (tires are recommended and the appropriate repair kit for punctures): the trails are well indicated and easy to reach from 3 shores up the right bank of the river Lamone around Marina Romea (Route 1).

Harvesting of the undergrowth is allowed only for personal use within the following limits:
mushrooms (with communal card) kg. 3.000
truffles (with communal card) kg. 1.000
mosses 0.300 Kg
blackberry 1.000 kg
juniper berries Kg, 0.200
wild asparagus Kg 1500

It is prohibited:
collect protected species
capturing or killing protected species
collect eggs or nest
make noise
smoking in the summer.
Punte Alberete

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  2. domenica
    %A %B %e%q, %Y %I:%M %p

    tutte le pinete sono accessibili alle mraccolte uso personale prodotti come asparagi more bacche di ginepro in quantità consentite da ordinanze 2014′?

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  4. Valentina
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    Buongiorno, vorrei sapere se è possibile accedere alle pinete con cani al guinzaglio. Grazie.

  5. Roberto
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    Salve,vorrei sapere in quale periodo è consentita la raccolta degli asparagi selvatici in pineta , Regione Emilia-Romagna,grazie……

  6. Claudio
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    Con tesserino valido regione Emilia Romagna , serve anche un tesserino comunale? Grazie di una delucidazione

  7. massimo vladimiro vannoni
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    Dove posso fare il tesserino x raccolta asparagi?Se porto anche mia moglie ci vogliono 2 tesserini? Sono validi poi x tutte le pinete da Fosso Ghiaia a Casal Borsetti?grazie!

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