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The climate

The favorable position of Casal Borsetti, Marina Romea and Porto Corsiniand the climate of the northern shores visitors a pleasant temperature from May through to September.  Not only do these locations  enjoy  the beneficial aspects of the sea, but the  presence of the splendid pine forests help to mitigate temperatures.
The residents are  accustomed to the arrival of numerous visitors from the immediate hinterland – Ravenna, Bologna and Ferrara, but also  from the smaller towns of  Alfonsine, S. Mezzano, and Alberto -who pour onto the coast in search of refreshing relief on summer days when the heat can be unbearable.
In fact, during the summer months  the maximum temperatures are on average lower than those inland by about 4 degrees, with some days as much as 7 degrees lower; in our pine forests the thermometer rarely exceeds 30 degrees.
The best months to be on our shores? If relaxation is what you are after, June and September are the ideal months to enjoy the total serenity of our lovely beaches and leave your worries behind. In June you can take advantage of the long  days, while in September there is a magical and  friendly atmosphere; after the busy summer months the tour operators  are more on hand and happy to share their newly found peace with you, and itis in September that the sea  is the warmest and most  pleasant to plunge into!
July and August are naturally the busiest months but also those when you feel you can taste the sea in the air due to the increased iodine (which creates a good mood!). Moreover, the sea breeze that begins to blow in the early afternoon brings relief during the hours of the day when the sun is at its hottest.  At night the inland breeze from the west ensures  refreshing sleep and  pleasant dreams!
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